Chat Room Nick:

John Trethewey



Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Computer Store Owner

A little about yourself, any hobbies, etc:
A car junkie for years had everything from a 1969 Mach 1 428CJ to a Ford Cosworth 1600 cc Tanaus in Germany and numerous brand x as well, but finally back to the blue oval, like bowling, used to program computers for fun and for the military (I used to actually like computers), Now i sell the things and do networking as well as service them. I like to bowl but mostly it's family and my toy car that make a full schedual in my life

Car info/mods:
Car is 1980 Mercury Cougar XR7 with 1972 Torino Ram Air
The engine is a 1976 .060 over 460 with flat top pistons
.569/.588 234/244 hyd cam
ported D3VE heads for 9.7 compression
ported cast square bore 4bbl intake with Holley 850dp on top
2" l/t headers
TCI C6 Tranny with stock converter and 2.73 open 7.5" diff for now

The engine will be a 514 nitrous guzzling monster in the spring with hopefully around 900 - 950 hp on the juice and have a detroit locker 9" with 3:89 gears and a 3500 stall just for fun.

When was the first time you visited #TheCorral?:
I have been coming to #corral for aprox 8 months now and find it relaxing and fun as well as a good source of info from the many people I have met thought it.

How often do you frequent #TheCorral?:
3-4 times a week

How did you come up with your nickname?:
My cherry bomb $80 complete dual system that we originally put on the cat was so loud that everyone started calling the cat Thunder Kitty so the name seemed kinda natural to follow.

Website URL:
Note site under major screw ups right now I made a real mess of it